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 Caitlin has created a series of "self" portraits as a visual-narrative of the creative process, which coincides with other creative projects. 

Her intent is to document the artistic process wherein the artist and the art are forever shape-shifting, transforming, and re-emerging anew, together. 

Her work echoes the tongue-in-cheek tradition of artists who engage in "self-as-selves-portraiture" similar to Cindy Sherman, Daphne Guinness, Franz Szony, Bjork, RuPaul, Trixie & Katya, Matthew Barney, among others. 

Caitlin has dubbed these images a collection of "Self-E's" as they are shared publicly via social media or other "electr
onic artistic platforms".

All photos, property of Caitlin Muelder & Scott Ferrara. 



Raven Queen.tiff
 Re-Birth of the Phoenix
  The Raven Queen, in an Ode to the Morrigan, as Scorpio Rises
  Madam Malvina Eurpoa, inspired!
    Praise Hathor, for The Donut and The Day 
    Both Rise with Ra, at Dawn
The Candy Queen,
When Inconvenienced
Ghosts of 2016
 Pumpkin Spice is an Ancient Spell
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