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On-Set Coaching:

Caitlin's Directing & Coaching work includes:
Over 40 Theatrical Productions, Television Series, Films, Performance Pieces & Showcases

What Industry & Clients Have To Say:

Some of the best dialect work in NYC.

- New York Magazine

There is no one like her, no one better. Caitlin is brilliant at everything she does.  

-Ty Burrell, Actor, Producer, Emmy & SAG Award winner, Modern Family

Caitlin Muelder's wit and intelligence are readily available in her own acting work as well as her direction, writing,  and coaching.

Her exuberant and fearless spirit is contagious.

-Melissa Pryor with David Rubin Casting 

Working with Caitlin is inspiring and exciting. She is articulate, enthusiastic, and helps you appreciate the material while creating an environment where it is safe to express new ideas and explore directions as the process develops.

- Hilary Cruz, Development Coordinator Executive, INVENT TV

Caitlin’s extensive knowledge and meticulous eye for detail have helped me find the spirit of several characters I have portrayed.

-Hayden Szeto, Actor, The Edge of Seventeen, Chop Shop , The Unbidden

Caitlin is a superb dialect and dialogue coach. She helps you navigate accents and material helping you express the character’s voice feel as if your own. Her imagination helps you achieve a layer of realism which makes the character and material authentic and nuanced.

-Santiago Segura, Actor:  MTV's SCREAM, 47 Meters Down

I trust Caitlin implicitly. She has a truly unique ability to tap into the truth in comedy--unlocking the potential behind every moment to make material specific, and marrying technique with real, creating emotionally driven storytelling. I would work with her on Shakespeare, drama, sitcoms -- anything! Her kindness and openness puts me in the spirit of "play," and her vast training and experience helps me "see" material in new ways.

-Vivian Kerr, Actor, Writer, Director of Scrap

She transformed a play with no stage directions, definite characters, or setting to a breathtaking production that was clear to follow, entertaining and thought provoking. All of the audience members of our production have noted in their feedback how creative and ingenious the execution of the play was. I was constantly in awe during our rehearsals of Caitlin’s ability to come up with fantastic ideas on the spot and her flexibility and just endless creativity while staying true to the text and its idea.  I can safely say that she is the best director I have ever worked with.

-Chezara Geuru, Actor: 4.48 Psychosis, Antigone, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Dear Theo, After Love

Caitlin is the only director who has been able to help me get past my chronic writer's block. She effortlessly gives structure to the creative process. Directing both of my one-woman shows, she was there from their inception, all the way to the curtain calls. She helped me write, produce, and perfect every little detail of both shows. She was as committed and passionate about my performances as I was.

Working with Caitlin gives me confidence in my work, in my art, and my voice, and that is priceless. 

-Joy Rovaris, Actor, BET's Bobbi Kristina, My Mother's Daughter, New Orleans Fringe Festival


Caitlin is passionate, kind, and extremely funny. She knows what she is talking about and will make you remember acting is FUN.                 She helps you find that little something extra that takes performances to the next level.

-Monia Aiaychi, Producer, Director,  Voice Over Artist, Voffla

Under her keen direction, we  received outstanding reviews. More than anything, Caitlin helped me navigate writing the play in thought-provoking ways. Caitlin is a creative and brilliant storyteller, and I have never felt more comfortable than I have when working with her as my director.-Cassandra Shea, Actor, Writer, The City Lights, Girl be Like, BGBA Media Group LLC 

There really is no one better you can work with. I can speak for all the writers and producers of Dirty Talk, The Web Series, when I say our show would not be what it is today without her guidance! She helped us find our collective and individual “voices” and she was instrumental from the beginning of the project to its completion. She had our back the entire way.

- Brianna Edrina, Co-Creator of Dirty Talk, The Web Series.



With an unparalleled attention to detail, Caitlin truly is a jack of all trades. She shines in directing, writing, acting, and coaching.  With her unique perspective she helps you find and create a performance than only YOU could give. She helps you stand out from the pack. Caitlin helps you do it all. .- Dayna Lobosco Actor & Comedienne: A Little Victory, Drink Ticket Improv, IO West, Mess Hall Teams, Trish, Aunt Tina and Deena Celebrate, UCB

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